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Once a lender pulls your credit for an application you can have any other lender pull your credit without your credit score being affected for 30 days. It’s part of the fair credit act to allow you to shop for loans.

Questions to ask lenders.

  • When do you work?

  • What different programs do you offer?

  • What are your loan origination fees (Not closing cost or down payment)?

  • How much are closing costs?

  • When do you work?

  • How quickly can you close once we go under contract?

After you complete the application with a lender ask the following.

  • Which program is the best option for me?

  • What is the interest rate?

  • How much would my closing cost be?

  • How much would I need for my down payment?

  • Will I have to pay PMI?

  • How quickly can I close?